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Macro for Wow: All-terrain travel form for Druids. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 08-28-2012 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 20450 times

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This Druid travel macro checks to see what sort of terrain you are on and use the appropriate form or mount.

/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable,nocombat] Swift Flight Form; Travel Form

7 responses to “All-terrain travel form”

  1. Eriun says:

    This macro is a little outdated now due to the changes WoD brought.

  2. Alwaishi says:

    Great macro! I was able to shorten my travel form macro significantly with this.

    I didn’t find the “/cancelform” option necessary unless you’re trying to also include powershifting functionality to escape roots and snares. Also, I think most druids probably have “Auto Dismount in Flight” enabled in Interface settings so you could also remove the “/dismount” part as well.

    I really liked how you included “/leavevehicle” into the macro; however, the UI errors were frustrating so I made the following changes. Feel free to use the changes if you like them.

    /run if CanExitVehicle() then VehicleExit() end
    /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable,nocombat] Swift Flight Form; Travel Form
    /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

  3. Brêttanus says:

    I made some changes to it.
    it became this:
    /use [swimming]Aquatic Form; [nomod:alt, flyable, nocombat, outdoors]Flight Form; [indoors]Cat Form; [outdoors, harm]Travel Form; [nocombat, unflyable, mod:alt] ->Ur Favorite Mount Here! xD<-

    thx for the help! xD hope u guys like my changes too.

  4. FlePser says:

    Even more 4×4;

    /use [outdoors, noflyable, nocombat]
    /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [indoors] Cat Form; [combat] Travel Form; [flyable, nocombat] Swift Flight Form; Travel Form

    probably can leave ‘ [combat] Travel Form ‘ as all the others won’t work anyway but it prevents getting the error message. Also one must know to use ‘ Flight Form ‘ when not learned ‘ Swift Flight Form ‘ yet

  5. p3lim says:

    Shorter, includes vehicles and Flight Form:
    /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable,nocombat] Swift Flight Form; Travel Form

    • Longhair says:

      Very nice! Updated it – if you have more, submit them I’m still relearning and rewriting all of the classes I own since MOP changed em all.

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