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Macro for Wow: Leveling with one button auto shot start attack for Hunters. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 08-28-2012 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 27945 times

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pulling macro for huntersThis macro is great for leveling. I find that hunters are one of the fastest leveling classes in the game. This macro will make you even faster. It will cast Hunter’s Mark, send your pet to attack, then use a trinket and finally start auto shooting.

Gives “item not ready” warning because one of the two trinkets will  be on cooldown.

Nothing, use as is or remove either or all of the trinket (/use) lines if you prefer. 

/cast Hunter's Mark
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Auto Shot

3 responses to “Leveling with one button auto shot start attack”

  1. Bob says:

    Thank. I have levelled 3 alts to 90 with MoP and liked it, it took me less then a week each time, with minimal effort, the point of gaming is to have fun and have a challenge.

  2. Oldcodger says:

    Just put
    /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    at the end of the macro. That will stop the error message appearing on your screen.

  3. Longhair says:

    It was requested to remove errors, will work on that one soon.

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