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World of Warcraft News → Complete list of Brawler’s guild rewards

Posted on: 10-23-2012 - Updated on: 10-23-2012

The Brawler’s guild is a very exciting addition to World of Warcraft that’s starting with patch 5.1. So far, we don’t know much about what you’ll eventually be rewarded with but from the PTR, we know that you’ll get some cool gray vendor trash with funny flavor text. You can then sell these gray items to vendors for really good gold returns. There are also some potions and an heirloom that you can get at various faction standing with reputation gained from fighting.

So far, it seems like the Brawler’s Guild is just for fun and a slight money maker. There’s probably lots of achievements also. I’m a little disappointed you can’t earn decent gear with reputation, but time will tell if Blizzard makes this something more than just a time waster.

Vendor trash worth good gold

The following list of Brawler’s Guild rewards are what are contained in the Brawler’s Purse. You get this when you defeat one of the mobs in the fighting ring. You could collect them, but you bank space would probably suffer. As far as I know you can’t wear these rewards either, which kind of sucks.

Reward name Reward flavor text Gold sale price
Ancient Orcish Shield An ancient relic of the pre-legion Mag’har clans. 100
Cheap Cologne Dry, yet demure… 20
Diamond Ring Cheap, but it sparkles. 3
Elysia’s Bindings This elaborate set of well-tied ropes seems to have been barely used. 50
Expensive Ruby The scintillating shine hides its true appeal. 10
Fragrant Perfume Enchanting, yet familiar… 1
Gold Ring “Solid gold. Shocking! 1
Golden Fruit Bowl The fruit inside is long rotten. 25
Golden Goblet For some reason you feel strangely proud of yourself while holding this. 5
Golden High Elf Statuette Her grace and form are well accented in this timeless piece. 100
Golden Platter Hard to tell if it’s dishware or Paladin armor… 3
Golden Potion The label reads: Maximize your manliness by showing her you’re worth nothing less than true gold. 1
Jade Kitten Figurine It inexplicably shattered when you picked it up. 8
Large Pile of Gold Coins The sheer quantity of coins makes this quite valuable. 10
Ornate Portrait The inscription reads: “Tessie’s Perfect Pair” 25
Ruby Necklace The blood-red stone sparkles in the light. 3
Ruby Ring The finest in Blood Elf jewelry was always made of ruby. 10
Small Pile of Gold Coins The small coins only add up to a few gold, but a collector might find them worth something. 5
Sparkling Sapphire The scintillating shine hides its true appeal. 1
Spellstone Necklace The cold, blue stone hums when held. 5
Taric’s Family Jewels We finally found them! 20
Theldren’s Rusted Runeblade This runeblade’s bearer suffered an unfortunate fall. 150
Zena’s Ridiculously Rich Yarnball How did this get here? 10


Brawler’s Guild useful items

Once you get some rep built up (more details later) you can get a good heirloom fist weapon. This does cost justice points tho: Brawler’s Razor Claws. You can also get a new cool compainion pet named Clock’em


We’ll have more Brawler’s Guild news and rewards as fast as we hear of them and will keep updating this guide, so check back later.

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