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World of Warcraft News → Improving the mobile auction house post auction function

Posted on: 12-14-2012 - Updated on: 12-14-2012

I love the mobile auction house. I paid for it when it first came out and up to the day it went free. I don’t get to play as much as I used to, so being able to make gold when I can’t play, then use that gold to purchase gear when I get back to the game is important to me.

On my way to a million gold, I’ve posted alot of auctions with my iPhone. Here’s an enhancement that I think would help other people than me.

The problem

No two item prices are the same. Currently, when you create an auction, you have to choose if you want to enter a price or just undercut. You can choose to have it remember the price, but on your account setting as a whole. The problem this creates is that for the few items that I want to have a fixed price for, I have to enter that price each time. I can set my settings, but then I lose the undercut functionality. 

What I’d rather happen is that it undercuts each time but I have the ability to “repeat” the last auction price on a case by case basis without having to change the settings.

The solution

If you remove the settings button and replace it with a new set of radio buttons, one for undercut and one for “repeat last price” or something similar then it makes reposting items at fixed prices much easier. Take Ornate Bands for instance. The search query brings all of them back, not the exact one you want. In this situation I don’t want to repost lower than the next guy, I want to set the price. If I have 10 tho, I have to either go change my settings or I have to enter the price manually for each one.

Now, many times you can just use the stack functionality and just enter the price once but lots of times you can’t:

– Relisting from your expired auctions
– Rings and necklaces from JC
– Armor from professions


I’d love some feedback if anyone else has some better ideas or improvements. Let me know in the comments. And finally, why do I have to sign in ALL THE TIME? Even when its remembered, I have to sign in at least twice when doing anything.


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