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Hello, I would like to have a kind of ‘travelform’-macro. The idea is to fly or swim, whatever is possible or to switch to travel form if I want to run away (in combat or non-flyzone). And additionally I want the same macro to cancel my flight form if I’m flying.

Basically the following conditions apply (in a kind of vb-language to make it clear):

If (flightform) then
if (nocombat, swimming) then
/cast swimming form
elseif (nocombat, flyablezone) then
/cast flight form
/cast travelform
end if
end if

I have startend and so far I have:
/cancelform [stance:5];/cast [swimming,nostance]!Aquatic Form;[outdoors,nocombat,flyable,nostance]!Swift Flight Form;[outdoors,nostance]!Travel Form;

But the biggest problem here is the condition to stop the macro after the cancelform if form is canceled!!

Thank you in advance.


élysha, shadowsong (eu)

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  1. Köernig of Kargath says:

    I use this:

    All Travel:
    /cast [swimming] Aquatic Form; [flyable, nocombat] Swift Flight Form; [indoors] Cat Form; Travel Form

    I keybind it to the squiggly key over the cap lock key (I use Bartender4). First press puts you in the appropriate form for the conditions; second press cancels the form.

    I can click it from default stance, run in cat form through the Shrine to outside, press it to gain swift flight form, cancel it over the water….falling into water and press it for aquatic form, jump out of water, click it and be in flight form again. If you are in a nofly zone, you change to Travel Form.

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