What is a macro for Wow?

Posted on: 09-09-2012 - Updated on: 09-27-2012

A macro is a piece of code that is used to extend the basic functionality of World of Warcraft. Some spells require multiple clicks to cast and are inefficient in a fast paced game environment like PVP. This is where macros make the gaming experience better as well as improve the skills of the gamers utilizing them. Many spells can be grouped together if they do not trigger the global cooldown. You can also tell macros to cast different spells based on […]

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How to create a Wow macro

Posted on: 09-20-2012 - Updated on: 09-27-2012

This macro guide explains how to make your first macro in case you’ve never made one before. Making powerful macros in Wow is super easy. Here we’ll show you the basic steps to making a macro for World of Warcraft. With this guide and all of our others, you will soon be on your way to making your own macros in no time. 1. type /macro or open the macro window from the game window (keybind escape). Its the computer […]

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How to write a /cast macro for Wow with proper syntax guide

Posted on: 09-07-2012 - Updated on: 10-18-2012

First off, you don’t have to learn how to make your own macros for Wow, simply search ours or you can request a macro. We’ll write a custom one for you! However, if you want to learn something new, check this guide out. In this guide, I’ll explain how the /cast macro syntax works, what and how conditionals work, and how targeting works in macros for World of Warcraft. First of all, we’ll define various terms to get you understanding the basics of […]

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In this Wow macro guide, I’ll explain to you the syntax and proper usage for the #showtooltip macro command, what it does, how to write it, and how to incorporate it when making Wow macros. Its super easy to use #showtooltip and it really makes your macro functionality shine. It is very important that you always use the “?” icon when saving macros that utilize #showtooltip. If you don’t, you run the risk of your macro not showing the proper […]

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How to properly target spells in macros for Wow

Posted on: 10-11-2012 - Updated on: 10-17-2012

In this Wow macro tutorial guide, we’ll show you how to properly cast your spells at different types of targets easily using macros. You’ll learn how to target players by name, how to target creatures and how to cast spells on yourself. You’ll learn the best way to make targeting macros work for you in lots of different situations. Targeting yourself In order to cast spells at yourself in a macro, all you need to do is add the @player […]

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Complete list of Wow macro conditionals

Posted on: 08-29-2012 - Updated on: 10-05-2012

These are the macro conditionals for World of Warcraft. Conditionals are used when you want something to happen only if something else. Like a clause or an If statement. You can string lots of these together and separate spells with a semi colon, like this: /cast [conditional,conditional] Spell; [conditional,conditional] Different Spell  Also works with the same spell like this: /cast [conditional,conditional][conditional,conditional][] Spell Read our complete guide to /cast macro syntax so you can write your own macros Macro conditional How […]

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All spells and abilities that are off the global cooldown (GCD)

Posted on: 09-17-2012 - Updated on: 10-16-2012

Here’s a list of all the spells that are off the global cooldown, or GCD as we call it. What does this mean for Wow? It means that you can combine these abilities in succession using the /cast command. You can string as many as you’d like into one button press! Here are all the World of Warcraft classes’ abilities and spells off the global cooldown. You can combine these with /cast and /use for a trinket macro or any […]

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How to use the [stance] (form) conditional in Wow macros

Posted on: 09-26-2012 - Updated on: 12-28-2012

You can use the [stance:x] or [form:x] Wow macro conditional to make powerful macros using the same button regardless of the stance or form you are in. This is handy for warriors, priests, monks, and druids especially. Just in case this is your first macro, you should read our “making your /cast macro tutorial” before reading this guide. First off, stance and form are exactly the same. Use whichever one you want, form is shorter so may help if you […]

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List of Wow macro commands with explanations

Posted on: 08-29-2012 - Updated on: 01-11-2013

Here you’ll find the complete list of Wow macro commands, the syntax, and some notes on their usage. This macro guide will help you get the most out of when and how to use wow macro commands in customizing your own macros for Wow. Commands are the first part of the Wow macro syntax: /command [conditionals] spell Above is the correct command macro syntax. Read more about the syntax of the /cast command Command Explanation Syntax  Notes /cast Casts the ability, item […]

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How to make a simple Wow macro with LUA script tutorial guide

Posted on: 09-24-2012 - Updated on: 09-27-2012

World of Warcraft macros and addons are built around a programming language called LUA. Macros are just tiny pieces of code compared to addons, but they can do just about as much as an addon can – if you can fit it inside for 255 characters. In this tutorial guide, I’ll show you how to make a simple LUA scripted macro that retrieves the amount of achievements you have completed. Here’s the completed achievement macro that I’ll be updating more […]

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How to write a Castsequence macro for Wow with proper syntax

Posted on: 09-17-2012 - Updated on: 10-11-2012

The /castsequence macro is a very useful type of macro code that can make some seriously complicated macros. Lots of players think they can make a DPS in one button macro or a DPS rotation macro and do competitive DPS. That is usually not the case. For a perfect min/max dps sequence, you have too many factors in place to make a decent cast sequence. However, you can use these macros to improve your gameplay, reduce some clicks and even […]

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How to make a Mouseover macro for Wow with proper syntax

Posted on: 09-19-2012 - Updated on: 09-28-2012

Mouseover target macros for Wow are very powerful ways to cast spells at targets that your mouse is currently hovering over. They are great for more sedentary class roles like healers that cast lots of spells at different targets. They are also popular with ranged DPS for PVP and tanks for taunting, CC, and silencing.  Making a mouseover macro is actually extremely easy. You’ll find lots of mouseover macros here at Macro-Wow.com, but in this guide, we’ll teach you how […]

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The complete list of console variables

Posted on: 08-29-2012 - Updated on: 08-30-2012

This set of console variable can be changed using script macros. To change a console variable, create a new Wow macro and use the syntax below. I’ve bolded the ones I’ve found useful in making Wow macros. If you have any macros that use these variables, let us know! SET variableName “value” ActionButtonUseKeyDown 1 BGLoadThrottle 33 BlockTrades 0 ChatAmbienceVolume 0.3 ChatMusicVolume 0.3 ChatSoundVolume 0.4 CinematicJoystick 0 CombatDamage 1 CombatHealing 1 CombatLogPeriodicSpells 1 DesktopGamma 0 ERRORS 0 EnableMicrophone 1 EnableVoiceChat 0 […]

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How to use an item with a macro

Posted on: 10-22-2012 - Updated on: 10-22-2012

This brief Wow macro guide will teach you how to use items in a macro like potions, trinkets, belt tinkers and more. Adding macros to your dps, tank or healing rotation makes you a better player and more handsome than the next guy. Get creative! If you look at some of the top guilds they work bombs into their dps rotations! Can you believe that? To be top dps and heals, you have to utilize every single CD you have […]

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Complete list of Druid Symbiosis spell swap list

Posted on: 09-05-2012 - Updated on: 10-11-2012

Symbiosis is the coolest new spell Druids get in Wow for the Mists of Pandaria expansion in September. Symbiosis is defined as this: Creates a symbiotic link which grants the Druid one ability belonging to the target’s class, varying by the Druid’s specialization. Also grants the target one Druid ability based on their class and combat role. Lasts 1 hour and persists through death. Cannot be cast on other Druids. Effect cancelled if Druid and target become too far apart. View […]

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Handy list of Wow addon slash commands

Posted on: 09-07-2012 - Updated on: 09-07-2012

Using slash commands for addons is a handy way to save time and energy. I make macros out of these that I use often and place them on my second action bar (shift + down arrow).  Deadly Boss Mod’s (DBM) slash commands.  /dbm – shows/hides the GUI /dbm timer <time> <name> – starts a local timer, the time can be in the mm:ss format /dbm broadcast timer <time> <name> – broadcasts a timer to the raid /dbm unlock – shows a movable timer bar […]

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Warrior macros for Wow

Posted on: 09-08-2012 - Updated on: 09-23-2012

I’m playing a warrior as my main this expansion, at least that’s the plan now. Last expansion it was a feral druid but mainly because at the time I had a guaranteed raid spot in the best guild on my server. Here’s some of my favorite warrior macros for Wow.  I’ll keep this list updated as I find/write more or the amazing people like you submit your favorites! Intervene nearest friendly and swap back to your target: One button Intervene macro […]

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Druid macro guide

Posted on: 10-04-2012 - Updated on: 10-10-2012

Druids in World of Warcraft serve many purposes. Because of this, action bar space can be limited and writing macros to fix your action bar space can be complicated because of all the forms, spells and abilities. Multiply that by 2 for you different specs and you can have a headache on your hands. View all Wow Druid macros I played a Feral bear and cat druid for most of the Wrath expansion for raiding and PVP. I still play […]

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