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World of Warcraft macros guides → List of Wow macro commands with explanations

Posted on: 08-29-2012 - Updated on: 01-11-2013

Here you’ll find the complete list of Wow macro commands, the syntax, and some notes on their usage. This macro guide will help you get the most out of when and how to use wow macro commands in customizing your own macros for Wow.

Commands are the first part of the Wow macro syntax:

/command [conditionals] spell

Above is the correct command macro syntax. Read more about the syntax of the /cast command

Command Explanation Syntax  Notes
/cast Casts the ability, item or spell /cast [Conditonal] First Spell; [Conditional] Second Spell  
/use Casts the ability, item or spell /use [Conditional] First Spell; [Conditional] Second Spell Identical to /cast
/castsequence Casts the abilities in order, then repeats /castsequence reset=ResetFunctions [Conditional] First Spell; Second Spell Can use reset= to determine when to return to the first ability
/castrandom Casts a random ability /castrandom [Conditional] First Spell; Second Spell  
/stopmacro Stops the macro /stopmacro [Conditional] Useful for creating if->then sequences
/target Targets the named unit /target Name  
/assist Switches your target to your target’s target /assist [Conditional]  
/targetlasttarget Switches your target to your previous target /targetlasttarget [Conditional]  
/cleartarget Clears your target /cleartarget [Conditional]  
/focus Focuses your target /focus [Conditional]  
/clearfocus Clears your focus target /clearfocus [Conditional]  
/targetenemy Targets your closest enemy /targetenemy [Conditional] Functionally identical to tab-target
/targetparty Targets your closest party member /targetparty [Conditional]  
/targetraid Targets your closest raid member /targetraid [Conditional]  
/equip Equips the named item /equip Name of Item  
/equipslot Equips the named item in the selected slot /equip # Name of Item Full list of item slots
/cancelaura Cancels the named buff/aura /cancelbuff [Conditional] Buff Name
/cancelform Cancels your current form /cancelform [Conditional] Primarily used by Druids to return to Caster form
/dismount Cancels your current mount /dismount [Conditional]  

3 responses to “List of Wow macro commands with explanations”

  1. PlagueRush says:

    Yo, i was just wondering if theres any possible way to make a macro sequence which sequences a macro command, like: “/???sequence changeactionbar 1, changeactionbar 2” and similar stuff. Please respond ;)

  2. Harikari says:

    greetz! i just been writing a vrykul drinking helmet buff macro, and need to report that the ‘/cancelbuff’ command does not appear to work anymore, the alternative solution i found is to use ‘/cancelaura’, which seems to be used to cancel any buff nowadays.

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