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World of Warcraft macros guides → All spells and abilities that are off the global cooldown (GCD)

Posted on: 09-17-2012 - Updated on: 10-16-2012

Here’s a list of all the spells that are off the global cooldown, or GCD as we call it. What does this mean for Wow? It means that you can combine these abilities in succession using the /cast command. You can string as many as you’d like into one button press!

Here are all the World of Warcraft classes’ abilities and spells off the global cooldown. You can combine these with /cast and /use for a trinket macro or any other spell combination you want.

Druid Death Knight Hunter Mage Monk Paladin
Bear Form Death Grip Fervor Illusion Stoneskin Righteous Fury
Dash Anti-Magic Shell Track Beasts Counterspell Chi Burst Lay on Hands
Force of Nature Icebound Fortitude Track Demons Frost Bomb Chi Torpedo Reckoning
Ursol’s Vortex Mind Freeze Track dragonkin Nether Tempest Fists of Fury Divine Protection
Cenarion Ward Dark Simulacrum Track Giants Time Warp Renewing Mist Rebuke
Swiftmend   Track Hidden Alter Time Zen Flight Devotion Aura
Prowl   Track Humanoids   Provoke Avenging Wrath
Maul   Track Undead   Fortifying Brew  
Travel Form   Feed Pet   Spear Hand Strike  
Aquatic Form   Disengage      
Barkskin   Aspect of the Hawk      
Track Humanoids   Aspect of the Cheetah      
Dash   Feign Death      
Wild Mushroom: Detonate           trueshot Aura      
Wild Mushroom: Bloom   Rapid Fire      
Might of Ursoc   Aspect of the Pack      
Frenzied Regeneration   Readiness      
    Aspect of the Fox      
Priest Shaman Warrior Warlock Rogue  
Divine Star coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon  
Holy Word: Sanctuary          

What we find here is that there’s lots of abilities that can be strung together using /cast. I was a little surprised that some of the classes have so few – it really limits how much you can improve your gameplay with macros for say, priests. You can still do some creative targeting and key bind combinations, but as far as combining spells some classes are a little limited.

As always, remember that the syntax for /cast is:

/cast [conditionals] Spell Name

If you want to learn more about writing your own macros, read our guide to the /cast syntax here

7 responses to “All spells and abilities that are off the global cooldown (GCD)”

  1. Notis says:

    For all classes “/use 13” or “/use 14″ (upper thinket or lower trinket respectively, if on use able”) r also off GCD. For Paladins Holy Avenger, Speed of Light talent, Guardian of Ancient Kings spell, for Holy spec Divine Favor & Beacon of Light if glyphed. MoP 5.4

  2. Slaynt says:

    You can add Word of Glory and Shield of the Righteous for Paladins

    • Slaynt says:

      …as well as Eternal Flame, Templar’s Verdict, and Divine Storm.

      • Slaynt says:

        It seems to varie per spec with pallys so scratch Templar’s Verdict and Divine Storm.

        I play on a 81 prot pally and I know that WoG, EF, & SotR are not on the global cooldown in addition to everything on your list.

  3. Mike says:

    This totally needs an update! :) I was looking for a list like this to see which paladin skills I could effectively macro. This is the only list I could find through google. Please update for Mists of Pandaria, it’d be really useful!

  4. Robert Smith says:

    Glaive Tos is on the GCD and Fervor is not.

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