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World of Warcraft macros guides → Druid macro guide

Posted on: 10-04-2012 - Updated on: 10-10-2012

Druids in World of Warcraft serve many purposes. Because of this, action bar space can be limited and writing macros to fix your action bar space can be complicated because of all the forms, spells and abilities. Multiply that by 2 for you different specs and you can have a headache on your hands.

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I played a Feral bear and cat druid for most of the Wrath expansion for raiding and PVP. I still play my beloved druid as an alt now. I have a good understanding of the class mechanics and will try and share that information here.

In this Druid macro tutorial guide, we’ll show you some of the things to look out for when writing macros for your bears, cats, trees and boomkins. I’ve divided this information into categories based on each spec with notes on each to look out for.

General druid macro tips

Guardian Bear macro tips

  • Use Mangle (Bear)() for the bear version of Mangle. Its weird, but it is what works right now.
  • Bear form is form #1 when using the [stance] or [form] conditional. For more information on this, read our stance and form macro guide.
  • The proper spell name for Bear form is: Bear Form(Shapeshift) 

Restoration Tree macro tips

  • Ironbark stacks with Barkskin if you macro it to yourself
  • Incarnation Tree of Life is just: /cast Incarnation

Balance Moonkin macro tips

  • Use this often: /cast [@player] Innervate 

Feral Cat macro tips

  • The most useful feral macro I’ve ever used in pvp is the Cat form Bear form toggle macro
  • The proper spell name for Cat form is: Cat Form(Shapeshift)
  • You can macro Barkskin to something like Rip during raids to help our your healers

Share your tips!

For additional information, read more of our macro guides or see our list of quick and easy macro tips. If you have additional comments or want to share something that helped you when you were struggling with writing macros, then please comment so that we can continue to improve the Druid experience in World of Warcraft.

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