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World of Warcraft macros guides → Warrior macros for Wow

Posted on: 09-08-2012 - Updated on: 09-23-2012

I’m playing a warrior as my main this expansion, at least that’s the plan now. Last expansion it was a feral druid but mainly because at the time I had a guaranteed raid spot in the best guild on my server. Here’s some of my favorite warrior macros for Wow. 

I’ll keep this list updated as I find/write more or the amazing people like you submit your favorites!

Have some favorite warrior macros? Share them and we’ll put your character name and realm as credit! 

share a macro see all Wow warrior macros

New to World of Warcraft? Here’s some more details about the Warrior class: 

Some people who are playing World of Warcraft look for Macros for WoW that they can use inside the game. Warrior macros for WoW are sequences of skill and spell combinations that will make more damage or make it easier to perform some of the abilities inside the game. World of Warcraft is a very famous game around the world that is being played by lots of people, especially in the United States. This game is all about role playing and team work. There are lots of great things that a gamer can do inside this game. Gamers can raid dungeons, fight against bosses, players, and become the strongest of them all. Today, World of Warcraft is now on its 4th expansion, the Mist of Pandaria, and it’s one of the best. But, some players might still don’t really know how to play this expansion, because in every expansion, each of the characters and their skills are changing and becoming more difficult. Macros for WoW are often being asked by lots of gamers in the internet. In WoW’s PVP game play, some players say that it’s all about the gear or also known as the armor and weapon that they are using. But, this game is really all about style, even if you have the greatest gear of them all in this game, a player with a regular gear can still beat you in PVP.

Warriors are one of the best classes in this game, they can be both great in PVP (player versus player) and PVE (player versus environment). But, warriors have lots of skill and it can sometimes be very bothering and tiring to click some of their skills. Warriors are one of the elite classes in WoW’s PVP, they often partner up with a healer or another DPS that have healing skills that can also support. Making macros for a warrior is a very ideal thing to do when entering the PVP arena. Warriors have a very special macro called the one shot macro and this macro is a very special type of macro because it can instantly kill another player. They can also combine some of the skills, like charge and hamstring, in order to snare their opponents. Warriors also have defensive stance macros, which is a very helpful macro when taking a lot of damage. A warrior’s defensive stance macro is a combination of a one-handed weapon, a shield, and the activation of their defensive stance.

A warrior can play 2 types of role in World of Warcraft PVE game play. They can play as a tank or a damager, also known as the DPS. Tanks are very famous in this game because only few are able to play this role inside the dungeons. They are the ones who take all the damage that the mobs make, and warrior playing the role of DPS is the one who kills the entire beast or enemy that you and your raid party might encounter. If you’re planning to play the class of a warrior, you must know the important Macros for WoW, for each type of role and for both PVP and PVE.

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