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World of Warcraft macros guides → What is a macro for Wow?

Posted on: 09-09-2012 - Updated on: 09-27-2012

A macro is a piece of code that is used to extend the basic functionality of World of Warcraft. Some spells require multiple clicks to cast and are inefficient in a fast paced game environment like PVP. This is where macros make the gaming experience better as well as improve the skills of the gamers utilizing them. Many spells can be grouped together if they do not trigger the global cooldown. You can also tell macros to cast different spells based on if you have a modifier key, like shift, pressed.

picture of new macro interface

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that might help you if you want to write your own macros:

Are Wow macros against the terms of use?
No, in fact Blizzard created the ability to use macros by writing the macro syntax.

What spells can be combined into one button press with a macro?
Generally, all spells can be combined with multiple spells that don’t have a global cooldown, or GCD. You can either look up the spell on Google or you can press it and see if your other spells are un usable until the second or two GCD has passed.

Can I make a macro to do more than one thing?
Absolutely! You can thread together many spells into the same macro or you can use /castsequence to cast a sequence of spells.

Do macros effect gear and weapons?
Yes. macros can swap out pieces of gear, weapons or use items such as trinkets and item enhancements

Can you script using macros?
Yes, you can use LUA scripting in macros but are limited to 255 characters without use of an addon. 

How does targeting work with macros?
You can cast spells at players by name, by position in the raid, if they are your focus and if they are friendly, dead, harmful and more. 

How do you create a macro?
To create a simple macro, follow our basic macro guide 

What is the syntax for making a macro cast a spell?
Read our /cast syntax guide 

Can someone write macros for me?
Sure thing! Just head over to the request a macro page 

Do you have any quick macro tips?
We have lots of interesting tips for writing Wow macros 


One response to “What is a macro for Wow?”

  1. Stefan Gustavsson says:

    I was wondering why there is so many macros out everyware on internetsights, that not work because of the GCD effect. I would say it is 90% of them.
    The first macro I was trying on this site: Cancel Bladestorm and Charge macro. Also not working.

    Is ppl not testing there macros before posting or what is it. I am very confused about the hole thing.

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