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I want to set my Ice Trap and Explosive Trap and Snake trap with 1 macro

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  1. Tyromun of Kargath says:

    After some testing, I prefer to use my 4 keybind solution. However, to use the button designation macro, you must first click the tooltip with the preferred button sequence, THEN place your trap.

    With my solution, you have 4 tooltips, each with a different keybind, but you only execute the keybind and left click to place the trap.

    I could not figure out how to use a changing tooltip icon; I would suggest the generic trap icon from the spell book.

  2. Tyromun of Kargath says:

    Assuming my button assignments are correct, the below macro [technically] does, in one macro, what I use with four.

    Looking up the mousebutton API assignments was a pain…

    /cast [btn:B4]!Flare;[mod:shift]!Freezing Trap
    /cast [btn:shiftB3SU]!Explosive Shot;[btn:shiftB3SD]!Snake Trap

  3. Tyromun of Kargath says:

    I use Bartender4 and actually created 4 macros on my UI so I can see what trap is on CD. But, using a 5-button mouse, I used keybinds to select my trap; I suspect that specifying a button would work (btn:keybindbutton], but my solution works well for me.

    #showtooltip “selected trap”
    /cast !selected trap

    I keybind as follows: mousebutton 4 [btn:B4] is Flare;
    SHIFT B4 is freezing trap
    SHIFT B3 wheel up is Explosive trap
    Shift B3 wheel down is Snake trap

    The exclamation point allows you to spam the keybind without setting the trap until you left click your targeting circle. This also assumes you have TRAP LAUNCHER on; if you turn TL off, the key bind will drop the trap at your current location.

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