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This may be a little too much to ask for, but I want a macro that casts starfire when I have a lunar eclipse, and wrath when I have a solar. I want to spam the button and not have to worry about the eclipse bar if possible………….

Right now I have 2 separate buttons that casts wrath first 11 times then starfire 8, and the other is the opposite. but when I have to use star surge, it ruins my rotation.


Påk, Blackrock

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  1. Longhair says:

    Yes, right now macros can’t check for buffs. However, this will cast Starfire if you hold down shift. Else, it will cast Wrath – would this work?

    /cast [mod:shift] Starfire; [nomod] Wrath

  2. Pak says:

    just read that you can’t do this? but you can [mod:shift]and[nomod]… is it possible to hold in r and press the key to change the spell being cast?

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