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I need a macro that will do a few things:

1.) Chain “Blink Strike” into “Kill Command.” Blink Strike will get the pet in range, and Kill Command will follow up with big damage.

2.) Show “Blink Strike” on the skillbar when that skill is available, but show “Kill Command” and its associated cooldown as long as “Blink Strike” is on cooldown.

3.) Automatically reset back to “Blink Strike” when its cooldown expires.


Eledora, Moon Guard

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  1. Tyromun of Kargath says:

    The solution is a castsequence macro; there are no conditionals that I know of that establish a “castable” scenario.

    /castsequence reset=16 Blink Strike, Kill Command, Kill Command

    Both spells are on the GCD, but BS has a 20 sec CD and KC an 8 sec. The first press will fire BS; GCD later you can use KC; BS will still be on CD, and the next spell in the sequence is KC, so you will see the KC countdown timer; third press KC fires again, the macro resets at 16 sec, with both spells still on CD; you see BS on your bar again.

    Personally, I castsequence Glaive Toss to KC and BS to Stampede. Same principal…just different dps choices.

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