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I need a macro that will combine two skills into a cast sequence in a very specific way.

The Troll racial Berserk acts as a baby Bloodlust, and I want to find a way to work it seamlessly into my rotation so that, when it’s available, I use it. To that end, I think what I’m looking for is a macro that:

1.) Acts as a castsequence starting with Berserk, and ending with one of my heals.


2.) Does not ever show Berserk on the skill bar. I want it hidden on the skillbar, so that I only ever see the heal skill’s icon.

Essentially, if Berserk is off cooldown, I want it to cast it on me, then cast the heal on my target — if it is ON cooldown, I want the macro to just go straight to casting the heal on the target. But I never ever want to see Berserk on the skillbar.


Kaaljin, Moon Guard

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  1. Emberstorm says:

    /use Spell1
    /use Berserk

    Even though Berserk is the second line of the macro, because Berserk is not on the GCD it will trigger immediately and affects any spells cast for its full duration. Even if spell1 is an instant, such as Flame Shock or Riptide, it will still benefit from Berserking for the duration of Berserking. You can bind this to every single spell on your bar if you want to use it on cooldown.

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