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I am trying to standardize my bars across toons & specs. I would like a one-key guardian/feral buff macro, based on my talents and spec. Is the following macro the optimal way to: In Guardian Bear Form cast Berserk and Enrage, then Incarnation on second press (and reset is 15 sec or switch target or leave combat) AND In Feral Bear Form cast Berserk and Might of Ursoc??

#showtooltip [form:1, spec:1] Enrange; [form:1, spec:2] Might of Ursoc; Berserk
/cast Berserk
/cast [form:1, spec:2] Might of Ursoc
/castsequence [form:1, spec:1]reset=15/target/combat Enrage, Incarnation
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

I have found your website extremely helpful; I want to verify that I understand what I have read on your site.

Thank you.


Köernig, Kargath

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