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Hello, i've been runing through tutorials and other macros and i just can't figure it out, i'm a noob at this so i'll try to be specific. Basically i want 3 spells in one button to be cast all at once (they do trigger global cooldown). I'm pretty sure though that, that is not possible due to global cooldown, however i've read somewhere, but for the life of me i can't find it again that you can make them cast in a sequence, as in, first time cast 1 spell, second time you push the macro it casts the second spell, and third time the third spell, without using [mod], just castable in order. They spells are > "Cenarion ward" > 30 sec cd ; "Nature's grasp" > 1 min cd ; "savage roar" > no cd and glyphed to be casted even if there are no combo points or target for that matter. So basically i want them to be casted in a row and if one or two of the spells are on cooldown to cast the one that isn't on cd, ie nature grasp and cenarion ward are on cd, i can still cast savage roar. Thank you


Bundleofjoy, Sylvanas

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