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I would really appreciate assistance creating a universal spell-interrupt macro for a warrior. These are my specific ideas, thoughts, and related situations (it most likely has been created/thought of, but I cannot seem to find it):
SCENARIO : I'm facing multiple spell-casters in PvP, but I have already used "Pummel", and now it is on cooldown. I fail to interrupt a second spell because I took too long trying to cast "Disrupting Shout" due to trying to find it among my excessive yet necessary amounts of key bindings. So not only have I taken preventable damage, but I've wasted yet another precious cool down that could have potentially turned the fight in my favour.
FIX POTENTIAL?: Is it possible to create a macro that is forced to cast, for example, "Disrupting Shout" if pummel is on CD? Furthermore, is it possible to cast "Stormbolt" as a stun-induced interruption if both "Disrupting Shout" AND "Pummel" are on cooldown? So, basically, I want a -one- key spell-interrupt binding to almost guarantee I am using all the possible moves available to secure the interruption. I want to be able to prioritize it so that it will cast "Pummel" if it's up, and to prioritize "Disrupting Shout" next to "Pummel", "Stormbolt" next to "Disrupting Shout", "Shockwave" next to "Stormbolt" (and so on…).
This would be quite helpful for me so I don't have to remember so many key bindings as well as train my spell-interruption muscle memory three or four different keys in order to execute the same purpose.

I appreciate your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Fillingi, Azshara


Fillingi, Azshara

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  1. Ultamatehulk says:

    /cast [target=arena1] Pummel
    /cast [target=arena2] Pummel
    /cast [target=arena3] Pummel
    /cast [target=arena4] Pummel
    /cast [target=arena5] Pummel
    /cast Pummel

    Try that.

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