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I want a macro for enhance shaman. Pvp trinket, elemental mastery cast before Feral spirit and fire elemental totem, then ascendance, stormblast, stormlash toem and then lava lash.


Lasarys Darkspear

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  1. Streko says:

    Hello. Yours is a bit extensive and will end up being a Cast Sequence macro because of the number of GCD (Global Cool Downs) abused here, but would look something like this:

    #showtooltip (Insert name of longest cooldown – trinket or spell)
    /use PvP Trinket (put in name of trinket)
    /castsequence Elemental Mastery, Feral Spirit, Fire Elemental Totem, Ascendance, Stormblast, Stormlash Totem, Lava Lash

    The only problem is determining which has the longest cooldown and showing either the cooldown or the actual spell/item as not to continue smashing that button. This is a 1-button macro, but you have to press it about 7 times for everything to pop, each waiting as long as each GCD.

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