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/castsequence blackout kick, purifying brew ?

Think this will work? perhaps a modifier for purifying? so it will blackout many times until you need purify. like a (mod Shift)purify thing.

For Brewmaster monk, Damage taken causes stagger. Stagger turns 20% of initial damage into a dot. Blackout kick causes “shuffle” making purifying brew available plus shuffle adds +20% parry and makes an additional 20% damage go to staggered amount. Now you have 40% of monks damage taken being absorbed “staggered” into a dot. purifying brew removes the dot. Its erasing 40% of monk damage taken! likely the number 1 tank skill for monks.

I would like to. cast blackout kick then have the button switch the tooltip to purifying brew and hold there until ready to purify, cast purify and have the tooltip return to blackout kick and be ready.

Just got 5-6 toons into throne LFR and find your site invaluable for my alts and toons which I dont know all the ins and outs of yet. really cool idea for a site. really nice layout too with the wow bar at the bottom its cool.


Tantor, Azuremyst.

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