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I am requesting this macro on behalf of elemental shamans, if it has already been produced and posted, accept my sincere apology.

Can someone create a simple macro with 3 spells with cast priority in the following order:

Elemental Blast
Lava Burst
Lightning Bolt

Essentially I would press 1 button. If ele blast was available, it would cast first. If Lava Burst was up afterward it would cast that, then lightning bolt when the others are on cd. I would assume then that during ascendance that lightning bolt would be skipped due to spammable lava burst.

Can anyone help?

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  1. Streko says:

    Hi, I’ve heard this may work for your scenario:

    #showtooltip Elemental Blast
    /castsequence reset=12 Elemental Blast, Lava Burst,
    /cast Lightning Bolt

    I have to try this out at home as it seems broken but people state it works, somehow…

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