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I’m a tank for a 10 man raid group, and have an unsatisfiable craving for lock cookies (healthstones I think they are called). Since I have a warlock in my group, I want to be able to announce that I have consumed a cookie, and how many I have left.

So pretty much:
If I am on cool down, and cannot eat one, announce for fun that I am trying to eat cookies, but cannot
If I have 3 cookies, eat one and announce I have only 2 left
If I have 2, eat one and announce urgently I have only 1 left
If I have 1, eat it and announce even more urgently that I have none left
If I have 0, announce that I am am trying to eat one, but have none left

Would be a really nice to have if this only went out if there is a lock present in my group. I don’t know that is even possible though.
Would also be nice if it didn’t matter where in my bag the cookies are stored, but I could accommodate if needed.
Would be good if this worked for both raid and party groups, but if I have to choose one, I would opt for a raid version.

They don’t call me cookie monster for nothin’!

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