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Hi i would like my macro to shoot in this order
Serpent sting , wait 15 and shoot again
aimed shot till focus drained then steady shot
arcane shot while Thrill of the hunt has procced

is this possible or too complicated ?


Tóranaga , Defias Brotherhood EU

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  1. forager says:

    i will work on this macro for you but it may come out in the form of 2 or 3 macros but if your looking for a 1 button spam macro it may lower your dps but would be fine for farming and instance but prob would not work in raids

    would be something like this
    /castsequence [mod]Aimed Shot;reset=target Serpent Sting,null
    /castsequence Steady Shot
    /castsequence Arcane Shot,Chimera Shot,Arcane Shot
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast Kill Shot

    this is untested and you would need to hold down shift or ctrl or alt to mod the macro to shot aimed shot but should work like with this lay out… feel free to drop me a line if you need anymore help foragerwow@hotmail.co.uk happy hunting

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