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Hi :) i had been using a macro for years, but when my pc crushed, i lost it. the macro makes that in one button can have 2 spells, 1 for frendly targets, and another for enemy targets. i remember that it had the showtooltip and 3 more lines, but i cannot remember what to write at these 3 lines… oh, srry, the third line was at dead frendly target cast resurect, but that part never worked… so it dont matter… i want only the 2 spells at 1 button, changing the spell when i change target betwin enemy and friendly.

target friendly = flash heal
target enemy = Mind blast

its a generic macro, that changing only the name of spells can make a lot of combinations for fast heal and sustain on both pvp and pve if necessary.

thanks a lot :)


Kirena, Minahonda

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