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hello. i got some challenging request.

i need a macro where i can apply my spell to the target without even targeting it.

im not talking about setfocus macros

the idea is simple

this macro is needed for bosses encounters that they are more then 1 boss

council fight in another word.

every council fight, there are some bars right next to the screen that shows you their health.
i was wondering if u can make a macro when i for ex cast spell ''doom'' on elite 1 or elite 2 or elite 3

keep in mind that you can set focus one target which leaves 2 targets behind.

if you can design this macro it will help improve the dps to a lot of players.
especially in fights such as Paragon of Kalaxxi

its hard to target them due the reswpaning all the time.

thank you.

looking forward hearing from you.

you can email me if you found how to make it


Xmentor - Frostmane(EU)

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