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I have made this macro

#showtooltip Soul Swap
/cast [mod:alt] Soulburn
/cast [mod:alt] Soul Swap
/cast [nomodifier,exists,@focus] Soul Swap Exhale; Soul Swap
/cast [nomodifier] Soul Swap

This works well for the most part, It works like regular SS when no focus is set (manual targeting), when a focus is set it will SS from your current target to your focus in 2 presses. The problem arises with the first portion of the macro.

When I have a focus set, I can mod with alt to soulburn SS to my current target and that works fine, but it doesn't work if I don't have a focus set. Is there anyway to recify this so the soulburn SS will work with and without a focus set


Chaban, Tarren Mill

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