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Im looking for a a cast sequence modifier macro that will allow me go into stealh, pick pocket, cast a spelll and reset set to the begining of th macro after a certain amount of time.Below is an example of what Im trying to accomplish….

/castsequence reset=24[mod:alt] vanish; !stealth, shadow walk, pick pocket, premeditation, garrote, ambush, ambush, ambush

So far The closet working macro I have been able to come up with to this is as follows…..

/castsequence [mod:alt] vanish; !stealth, shadow walk, premeditation, garrote, ambush, ambush, ambush

I can't seem to be able to p ut a reset or the pick pocket anywhere into the macro I have so far I have tried many different ways and I have yet to come up with anything. Im not really good with computers as it is but i really enjoy playing WoW and just now getting into using macros since I've my rogue is so close to being max level and I could really use some help So please, please give me a hand Im soo lost here. I can be reached at akababyangel11@gmail.com Thanks


Yooya, Stormrage

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