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Hey guys!

So my druid is finally the proud owner of Fendral's Flamescythe (i.e. fire kitty staff).
I'd like to add a macro to my say /shred ability that equips/unequips the staff as needed. Logistically I know exactly what to do .. syntax wise – I need help .


Upon pressing /shred macro

If buff "Druid of the Flames" is active (buff I get to become fire kitty) keep my Trident of Corrupted Waters (main weapon) equipped and just do /shred

if buff "Druid of the Flames" is NOT active – equip Fendral's Flamescythe until I get the buff and then /equip normal Main weapon (Trident of Corrupted Waters).

88 million thanks to anyone who can come up with something that works ;).

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