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So i've tried to do this pretty simple macro but i just won't get it to work. I want a macro with Dire Beast and Beastial Wrath in one button. But what i want is after i use Dire Beast i want a cast sequence to make me cast Beastial Wrath while Dire Beast is on cooldown. But i also want to reset it back to Dire Beast if i did not use the Beastial Wrath before the cooldown of Dire Beast expired.


1. Cast Dire Beast ( reset back to Dire beast when the cooldown expires)
2. Cast Beastial Wrath ( optitional )
3. Reset back to Dire Beast if Beastial Wrath was cast or if 30 seconds has passed and Beastial Wrath was not used.

Should be pretty simple but i can't figure it out. Any help? :)

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