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Hello everyone,

I'm leveling a disc priest and to simplify action bars i use macros like this one that cast an attack or a heal according to my target :

/cast [@targettarget,mod] Châtiment; [help, nodead] Soins rapides; [harm, nodead] Châtiment; [@player] Soins rapides

[CENTER][I][@targettarget,mod] Châtiment -> to attack the target of the player i target by pressing MAJ, ALT, CTRL
[help, nodead] Soins rapides -> to heal my target when it's friendly
[harm, nodead] Châtiment -> to attack my target when it's hostile
[@player] Soins rapides -> to heal myself when no target[/I][/CENTER]

What I want to do is to add a function that will get it to :
– attack the targettarget when my target if friendly and when i press a modifier
– heal my focus (or my targettarget that should be the tank) when my target is an enemy and when I press a modifier
That, plus what it already does.

I tried :

/cast [[B]help,[/B]@targettarget,mod] Châtiment; [help, nodead] Soins rapides; [harm, nodead] Châtiment; [B][harm,@focus,mod] Soins rapides[/B]; [@player] Soins rapides

and :

/cast [[B]help[/B],mod,@targettarget] Châtiment; [B][harm,mod,@targettarget] Soins rapides[/B]
[B]/cast[/B] [help,[B]nomod[/B],nodead] Soins rapides; [harm,[B]nomod[/B],nodead] Châtiment; [[B]nomod[/B],@player] Soins rapides

But both don't work :(
When i use it on a hostile target with a modifier it says invalid target…

Thanks for reading through and if you have any suggestion, please post back :)



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