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Macro for Wow: Astral Recall and Hearthstone. for Shamans. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 01-26-2014 - Updated on: 01-26-2014 - viewed 3307 times

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A nice little macro that will free up one extra space on your spellbar. Left click to cast Astral Recall, and right click to cast Hearthstone.

You can do this with other buttons you don’t really need a keybinding for, like Mass res and guildbank.

You can also add more spells to the same macro by adding modifyers such as [mod:alt,shift, and Ctrl], this will do the same, but if you hold alt it will mass res, if you hold shift it will cast Mobile Banking(Guildbank, and if you hold ctrl it will cast Far Sight. And to get the most out of your macro you can even add for example a [button:3], [button:4], and [button:5] for mousewheel, mousebutton 4, and 5.

Remember: As long as you just change the name in the macro to the exact name of the spell in the game, then you can change it to enything you’d like.


Enosan, Argent Dawn
/cast [button:2] Hearthstone; [button:3] First Aid; [button:4] Cooking; [button:5] Archaeology; [mod:alt] Mass Resurrection(Guild Perk); [mod:Shift] Mobile Banking(Guild Perk); [mod:Ctrl] Far Sight; Astral Recall

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