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Macro for Wow: BEAST shape shift macro for Druids. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 01-26-2014 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 10066 times

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This is the most BEAST shape shift macro EVER!!! This macro will shape-shift you into what ever form is most advantageous to your location. If you are; indoors it shall put you in cat form; outdoors it will put you in flight form; in a location that is non-flyable, but mountable then it will put you in travel form; in flight form AND on the ground you will go straight to travel form; in the water, that’s right, aquatic form it is! If for what ever reason you happen to enter combat while in either of the flight, travel, or aquatic forms, you will be put into cat form and all subsequent button mashing will toggle between the Bear and Cat Forms, except when in combat while swimming; entering combat while swimming grants the ability to toggle through the Cat, Bear, and Aquatic forms. This change allows you to sustain adequate breath, via regular shifts into Aquatic Form, while still allowing you to have access to Cat and Bear forms as well. Restoration and Balance druids, this is great for you in all cases, why not be in cat form to hang with that impatient tank! Guardians, why not be a little more quicker, get that challenge time down! For all specs, why not be able to have quick access out of the “fire”? Why not be able to break those snares in a hurry? This macro will efficiently do everything the druid was meant to, in regards to movement, that you were not likely doing as quickly as before. Besides, the smaller the spell foot print on your bars, the more efficient your all around play will be, who doesn’t want to be better at what they do?

A note for Guardians out there or any player who’s preference is to fight in Bear Form over Cat Form, or players who would like the option of Bear Form first during any encounter: with a simple change from Cat Form, following the single [combat] conditional, to Bear form, this would place you into Bear Form instead of cat form upon shape-shifting from a travel form, in combat. The same can also be said about the in-combat swimming option; you can easily swap around Bear and Cat forms and the form conditional from: [combat,swimming,noform:2/3] to [combat,swimming,noform:1/2], allowing Bear Form to be placed first in queue while in combat and swimming.


Robert Phelps
/castsequence [combat,swimming,noform:2/3]Aquatic Form;[combat,swimming]Cat Form,Bear Form;[combat]Cat Form,Bear Form;[swimming]Aquatic Form; [stance:5,noflying]Travel Form;[indoors]Cat Form;[flyable]Swift Flight Form

2 responses to “BEAST shape shift macro”

  1. khaldac says:

    I found one issue with this macro. If you are in a no-fly zone and not in human form, it won’t switch you to Travel Form. Removing the stance:5 modifier fixes this. Haven’t tried the swimming circumstances yet but did want to say Thanks! This is a really cool macro :)

    BTW, is there a doc somewhere that lists all the commands, etc. usable in macros? I haven’t been able to find one.

    Thanks again!

  2. Robert Phelps says:

    After playing with this a few times, I realize travel form is not the way to go. For instance, Scholomance (sp?), travel form is not the fastest way to travel in this case. Though it does take detract form the instantaneous shifting feel of the druid and this macro, 40% is far slower than 100% movement speed increase. I’d say just swap in your favorite mount in the place of travel form, thats what I did.

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