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Macro for Wow: Death Knight Taunt macro for Death Knights. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 07-25-2013 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 9951 times

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This is the base model, no bells and whistles, “manual transmission” of taunting macros, but with a small safety feature. This macro places the targeting responsibility of the taunt with the player. This also allows selectable access to both of the Death Knight’s taunts and a short crowd-control/slow (depending on glyphs) as a back up. [/Death Grip] is available with a non-modified click allowing a non-target to be “death gripped” without ever having to target it, while still allowing the taunt to function normally on a selected target (with no mouse-over) if desired. This is done so by giving the target under the mouse priority over the current target. The shift modifier places [/Dark Command] in the button/binding and causes it to function in the same manner mention before. After [/Dark Command] is cast, [/Chains of Ice] will stand in it’s place for seven seconds as a back up. This will, one; communicate to you the player that [/Dark Command] is on cool-down, two; act as fail safe to keep that straggler from running off, allowing the tank to decide weather to wait for a taunt to come off cool-down, cast on him or chase him. The modifier key affords the best use of remembering like spells through known associations by putting the taunts under one button or key. This saves the time of chasing a fleeing straggler’s nameplate with your mouse in attempt to target it by allowing you to cast [/Death Grip] or [/Dark Command] then [/Chains of Ice] at current mouse-over. The mouse over function removes the delay created by targeting, then casting, then retargeting the last mob target or even a boss. This macro makes difficult mobs easier to handle, Boss adds a cinch all while letting you stay in the Global Cool Down Cue niche.


Robert Phelps
/castsequence [mod:shift,@mouseover,exists][mod:shift,@target] reset=7 Dark Command, Chains of Ice; [nomod,@mouseover,exists][nomod,@target] Death Grip

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