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Macro for Wow: Frost Mage Burn for Mages. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 05-21-2013 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 30764 times

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This is my Frost Mage’s Burn Macros. When I first made this macro it would drop just about anyone and any class in rougly 5 or so seconds. The actual “burn” was virtually insta kill though (it takes a couple seconds to set the burn up, but when it actually fires, its pretty much insta whoop-ass)

Required items in order to use this:

1. Presence of Mind – Talent
Frost Bomb – Talent
Brain Freeze- Passive skill that makes
your Frost Bomb to make FrostFire
Bolt instant Cast with the Frozen
Crit modifier (its in ur book and
always active. just explaining)

2. Glyph of Icy Veins
Glyph of Deep Freeze (removes deep
freeze from the Global Cooldown)

This “macro” is in 2 parts as in 2 actual macros. Below will show 2 different macros that work together.

Macro 1: Frozen Orb/Frost Bomb-

The most important part of this is the BOMB because of the passive “BrainFreeze” skill. The Orb is just a no brainer for this. (instant cast, long lasting dmg dealing, slow em down, freeze modifier – finger of frost applicator on just about everything within 100 miles of it). When I first started using this, I would throw the orb first then pick a target for bomb, but people are catching on…. when you see a mage throw a orb out, that’s your que to mess up their plan quickly because the hurt is coming, and you cant “hide” it, once its out, the surprise factor is gone, so lately I been casting the bomb first, it might show a cast bar, but its better than filling the whole screen with the “HEY IM FIXN TO BURN YOU” orb. It lets you get the “long” cast out “quietly” (no spell animation other than your cast bar).

Orb first or Bomb first, the cast order is up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with…. but the whole “drop u dead dps” hinges on THIS step right here. If they successfully “crash your party” here do NOT continue with the 2nd macro. If you save the 2nd one, they did not mess up your
“burn”. If they stop it here, and you continue, you will still get some descent dps out of the next phase, but nothing like the dps you can achieve if you follow the orb/bomb. The Orb/Bomb cooldown = 60 or 1 minute, so just run some defense CC or whatever while the 1 min goes by, then your ready for a full burn attempt again. If you get in a hurry and hit macro 2 after they screw up phase 1, then you get to wait 3 minutes before you can full burn again…

There are situations where you CAN continue with phase 2 after a failed phase 1 tho. If your partner did well on his end and you notice 1 guy’s hp are going down, then don’t worry about the “full burn”, throw a silence and unleash on em without the orb/bomb (this works mostly for dps/dps opponents without heals. If there is a healer, then its best to wait the 1 min for a full power burn.

Also… you may decide to use orb/bomb as a “fake burn” Most ppl will attempt to stop you here because they think your burn is happening. it IS happening, but the real macro is still cocked and loaded and ready to go. If I notice they blew most of their stuff to stop me here, sometimes I walk right into phase 2 because now they have nothing to stop the real one but…… just remember you most likely miss out on the big frostfire proc. You have a split second to decide to wait the 1 min for a short CD or blow your wad with less dps and wait for a 3 minute CD. Just remember, ice lance alone wont drop an opponent, if you continue after a failed phase 1, you will basically be left with only your ice lance and a hard cast frostbolt. The Frostfire proc is a heavy hitter and combine that with the awesomeness of the orb you loose a big portion of the potential dps.

Macro 2: “The can of whoop-ass”-

Even though this macro fires off 7 separate “skills”, once you get to this point, your worries are pretty much over. There really is no “planning or thought process” once you tap this macro. The awesomeness of THIS macro is that EVERYTHING in the list fires within 1 Global Cooldown. (the timer you see on all your buttons when you press one, its roughly 1 second). “MAGIC!”– when you press this button, before you can even PRESS another button, all 7 steps are COMPLETE! and for the icing on the cake, it comes built in with a CC and silence. After you press this, go NUTS on your ice lance button, but shortly after u start ice lancing, the instant free hard hitting frostfire bolt will proc so remember to contain your excitement long enough to press that frostfire button when it flashes, then go crazy on lance again. You can also mix in a long cast frostbolt towards the end as well for a little extra punch to help finish em off. Once you get comfortable with all the excitement, try to remember to throw in a silence right around the time frostfire bolt procs because that’s usually when the “built in CC/freeze/silence” (the deep freeze) wears off. Throwing counterspell right b4 frostfire proc or right after u cast it will extend your free reign of nonstop knock em dead right NOW dps.

There you have it….. unleash your 3-5 seconds of hell and leave your opponent with the “WTF just happened!” thought :)

Using the GCD method to plan your macro, you can also unleash a double instant CC as well. I will post that one as well.


Mystikäl, Barthilas
Macro 1: 

/castsequence reset=60 Frozen Orb, Frost Bomb

Macro 2:

#showtooltip Deep Freeze
/cast Deep Freeze
/cast Icy Veins
/cast alter time
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Frostbolt
/cancelaura alter time
/use 13

12 responses to “Frost Mage Burn”

  1. manamune says:

    Few questions, first, why not frost fire bolt instead of frost bolt after pom? And why not pom before alter time so that you have another pom to use, or will pom not work with alter time?

  2. Enocon says:

    Hey, “/use 13” is the inventory Slot ID to use your “trinket 1” that has a use effect.

  3. GamerUK says:

    I’m thinking that it’s to use an items slot …/use 13 refers to a using a trinket slot item. It’s a line I’d use when making macros for my ‘toons for a bigger dps boost.

  4. Kebbito says:

    The /use 13 at the end of the macro is to use your dps trinket (Badge of Dominance). You need to make sure it is in the top trinket slot on your character screen as this is slot 13.

  5. Troy says:

    Any time you see “use 13” or “use 14,” that means that the player has a trinket with an on-use ability equipped. Most of the newer trinkets from Siege of Orgrimmar appear to be proc-based. If you wind up with two of those, the use portion of this macro won’t help you out. But on the plus side, if you do have an on-use trinket, pop it in your first slot and have fun unleashing hell. And if you happen to have two on-use trinkets that don’t share a cooldown, you could even add “use 14” to this macro and have even more fun. =]

  6. joel says:

    g’day mate, i am still leveling my mage, so i don’t fully understand how each of the spells you have outliined in this macro work, but at the end of the macro you have “/use 13” what is that?

    Cheers mate

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