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Macro for Wow: Frost mage defensive macros for Mages. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 05-21-2013 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 11969 times

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I posted my Burn macro for frost mage using the GCD method. You can switch gears and run some awesome defense moves using GCD as well.

I have played around with this one for a while. I finally decided to use it like this, but it wont automatically cancel the alter time and move on to the 2nd CC. If you throw polymorph first you can actually “get more” out of the macro since the poly becomes instant cast and you can throw the “/cancelaura Alter Time” command in. I decided to back down and remove that extra step because no matter what, you still have to “aim” the Ring of Frost.

I found that the “fire and forget” effect becomes more valuable after you initiate an encounter rather than beginning with it. It is much easier to “aim” when you have the “surprise factor” on your side. I found that if you sheep 1st, ring 2nd you draw attention to yourself after the sheep. I don’t know how many times I go into a arena with a “plan” and that rogue ends up pissing me off so the plan changes, or the lock that runs fear after fear. You gotta admit, those set plans change quickly when the “annoy” factor is in play. This “mentality” drove me to reverse the order and use ring first, simply because it requires “effort” to lay down. I found its MUCH easier to put down a well placed frost ring before the “annoy” factor comes into play. By having a well placed ring, you turn the “annoy” into “chaos” as they scatter like roaches when the light is turned on. This leaves you with a fire and forget instant sheep. Its hard to lay down a good ring when your busy trying to put distance between you and them, but its super easy to be in the middle of chaos and throw the instant sheep if you happen to get that “FUCK THAT MAGE” warrior that’s now pissed off because you are playing the CC game and decides to play the “in your face” game. More than likely you have a focus condition on your polymorph/counterspell so you can press it without even looking for your target. Either way you have to press a button, then press another button, and aim your ring no matter how you do it.

The Alter Time runs for 6 seconds. Once you press your ring button and lay it down, theres really no need to throw a sheep right NOW. That would be kinda like throwing sheep and counterspell at the same time, why silence the guy you just sheeped. Once they recover from a well placed ring you have a instant sheep ready to go or a tick away from being ready. You could add the /cancelaura command to your sheep button, but if I need it canceled THAT badly, i will just click the alter time b4 i cast sheep, but its very RARE that I just HAVE to have that sheep right now and cant wait 1-2 seconds. By the time your ring plays out, the sheep is usually ready to go without /cancelaura.

In the sheep 1st variable, you can add ring of frost at the end but its buggy. Any macro using the GCD method to insta cast stuff really does not get along with items that don’t belong. Sometimes it would run through, and sometimes it would hang before the ring cast. Either way i use it, i separate it out into 2 buttons. Even though its not a 1 button fire and forget cc everyone at once, you still get back to back instant CC moves.

I have noticed if I try to add the conditions like focus cast to the polymorph, it hangs as well. Conditionals work great in /castsequence but /cast /cast /cast macros are fragile….. you are already “cheating” the system by having Alter Time messing with it. But it IS possible to run back to back insta cast CC.

When i set this on my bar, i will have the 1st instant cast button that sets the whole thing up, and actually put the alter time button right next to it, inbetween the 1st and 2nd CC button. By doing this, when i go for the 2nd CC, i can tap the alter time button if i am in a hurry, and if the 6 second timer runs down, just hit the 2nd CC like normal. That way, you can have your polymorph set up with full conditionals and it will still instant cast perfectly.

This is more about being able to throw 2 instant cast CC back to back than casting everything with 1 click. Because Presense of mind does not go away until its used, you are able to throw an instant CC then wait 2 mins if you don’t need the 2nd right away. Even 2 min down the road, its STILL sitting there waiting to be instantly cast. The value of this is 2 CC you can throw without any hard casting. It allows a mage to use Ring/Sheep like Pet Freeze/Frost Nova back to back, and if need be, just as fast.


Mystikäl, Barthilas
Variable 1:

#showtooltip Presence of Mind
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Alter Time
/cast Ring of Frost

Variable 2:

#showtooltip Presence of Mind
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Alter Time
/cast Polymorph
/cancelaura Alter Time
/cast Ring of Frost

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