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Macro for Wow: Moonkin Form before mounting for Druids. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 10-17-2012 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 11525 times

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If you like traveling in Moonkin form, you can use this macro instead of your favorite mount button. It will cast Moonkin form on the first press if you aren’t in form. If you are in form it will cast your mount, aquatic form, travel form, flight form or your favorite ground mount

To use:
Replace “Enter Your Mount Name” with your favorite mount.


#showtooltip Moonkin Form
/cast [form:5,swimming,nocombat] Aquatic Form; [form:5,flyable,nocombat] Swift Flight Form; [form:5,nocombat] Mount Name Here; [form:5,combat] Travel Form; Moonkin Form

5 responses to “Moonkin Form before mounting”

  1. Pepsipowers says:

    i modified the macro a bit and it work perfect, you can now cast flight form while running

    #showtooltip Moonkin Form
    /use [form:5,swimming,nocombat]Aquatic Form;[form:5,flyable,nomounted,nocombat]Swift Flight Form;[form:5,noflyable,nocombat]cenarion war hippogryph;[form:5,combat]Travel Form;Moonkin Form

  2. Treco says:

    Hi, great macros. one question doe. Is’t possible to make the macro to switch to Travel form when you are in combat and in moonkin form already?


  3. Longhair says:

    Updated the macro – if you have additional ones, feel free to submit them and put your realm name in there for credit.

  4. BoZ says:

    #showtooltip Moonkin Form
    /cast [form:5,swimming,nocombat] Aquatic Form; [form:5,flyable,nocombat] Swift Flight Form; [form:5,nocombat] Black War Bear; [form:5,combat] Travel Form; Moonkin Form

    Improved the one from above, added travel form when in combat instead of normal mount outside of combat :)

  5. BoZ says:

    #showtooltip Moonkin Form
    /cast [form:5,swimming,nocombat] Aquatic Form; [form:5,flyable,nocombat] Swift Flight Form; [form:5,nocombat] Travel Form; Moonkin Form

    All in one macro for boomkim, allow you to transform into your different travel forms depending on location if you are out of combat and in boomkin form, and switch into boomkin when u are in any form (travel, normal, etc..), in combat it will make you switch between normal & boomkin form.

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