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Macro for Wow: One-button Cat Form for Druids. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 01-25-2013 - Updated on: 03-25-2013 - viewed 32566 times

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One-button Cat Form – Prowl – Pounce macro: First click puts you in Cat Form, if you are not in cat form and stealth; second click to execute pounce.

I found a longer version, but after reading this site was able to shorten it significantly.


Köernig, Kargath
#showtooltip [stealth] Pounce; Prowl
/cast [stance:0/1/4/5/6] Cat Form(Shapeshift)
/cast [form:3] !Prowl
/cast [stealth] !Pounce

4 responses to “One-button Cat Form”

  1. Ratchet says:

    wouldnt it be better to just do
    /cast [form:3] !Prowl
    since no matter what form you are in it will switch you to cat and instantly prowl you

  2. Longhair says:

    Updated, thanks!

  3. Loroen says:

    /cast [stance:0/1/4/5/6] Cat Form (Shapeshift)

    This is the issue, change it to

    /cast [stance:0/1/4/5/6] Cat Form(Shapeshift)

  4. Max says:

    Having trouble shifting to cat, other parts work fine though… Any suggestions?

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