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Macro for Wow: Prospecting with only one button for PVE. Works in World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria

Posted on: 08-27-2012 - Updated on: 02-01-2014 - viewed 26902 times

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Prospecting is lucrative, but it sucks royally to sit there all day and click the button, then the ore. Well, your problems are solved. Use this macro and you only have to spam it until your ore is all gone. 

Just replace Ghost Iron Ore below with any ore that you want, like:

  • Copper Ore
  • Saronite Ore
  • Titanium Ore
  • Ghost Iron Ore

Note: you must have stacks of 5 or this macro won’t work. Just put your remainders in the bank or something.

#showtooltip Ghost Iron Ore
/use Prospecting
/use Ghost Iron Ore

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